Beefy Blackbirds (Niagara Bird System)

Set of 10+ stylized birds with animations, and interactive Niagara particle system BP.


Free Download: click here


Video: Youtube (new)

Technical Details
New Niagara blueprint system with flocking and various flight modes. (CPU System, max # particles ~500)
Spline Flight Path tools are included with Niagara blueprints.
11 Bird species, 22 color variants; 44 meshes total including separate LOD1. (customize colors and animations; 3 LODs each)
110 Cascade particle emitters (5 types of behavior: Swarming, Circling, Flying, Takeoff-High, Takeoff-Swoop)
165 Material instances (7 MI for each bird: eg. Blackbird_Actor, Blackbird_Particle, Blackbird_Particle_Soaring, Blackbird_Particle_Undulating, Blackbird_Hopping, Blackbird_Pecking, Blackbird_Perching)
1 Master bird material with full color, shading, and animation customization – including a lightweight and reusable function library.
Number of Blueprints: 4 Master Blueprint, 176+ Child Actors
Network Replicated: Yes


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