Automatic Coral Generator

A water blueprint that randomly generates corals and reefs. Comes with a collection of coral meshes to experiment with.

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Simple drag drop and scale reef generator. You’ll be able to add and remove coral members and modify the frequency, scale, scale variety, maximum depth, normal alignment, Z offset, collision and more for each mesh.

Comes with 13 unique coral meshes to experiment with, most of them with multiple color varieties.

Blueprints Included:
Coral Blueprint
Customized Water
Underwater post process and coral settings to adjust
Coral Blueprint presets
13 Unique Meshes with color variations

Maps Included:
• Landscape test map
• Pond test map
• Features map

Technical Details
Number of Blueprints:1 (and 4 presets)
List of Features:
• Turn water on/off
• Water Surface Appearance
• Normal Map
• Tiling
• Overall Color
• Fresnel Color
• Reflection Vector
• Opacity
• Metallic
• Roughness
• Refraction Settings
• Ripple Speed

• Underwater Appearance
• Underwater Color
• Fringe
• Gamma
• Vignette
• Bloom settings

• Coral Members
• Arrays for each member:
• Frequency
• Scale
• Scale variety
• Maximum depth
• Reverse Depth
• Normal alignment
• Z offset
• Random Z Offset
• Collision

Update Features:
• Instanced generation
• Water Offset
• Random ZOffset for each array
• Reverse Depth Option for each array

Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Features Map


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