Auto Hand – VR Physics Interaction (New Update)

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Make VR games quickly and easily. Auto Hand is a user-friendly, VR interaction system, which includes a posing system that automatically figures out what pose a hand should take when grabbing

🖐 VR Physics Interaction made easy 🖐
Auto Hand is a High-Quality physics interaction system that is designed to be user-friendly and highly customizable. Auto Hand includes online documentation and a setup wizard with quality options to assure the best quality based on your project’s constraints

Auto Hand includes an automatic pose generation system that will configure a hand’s shape on grab. Works well with all primitive colliders and mesh colliders!

Comes with a fully loaded movement controller that includes smooth movement, teleporting, climbing, static head collision guard systems.

VR physics interaction includes effects such as weight, collision, two-handed grabbing, pull-apart breaking events, high-quality throwing, distance grabbing. Physics-based gadgets, levers, sliders, doors, wheel, dial, and buttons examples. Auto Hand makes robust use of Unity Events and Tooltip documentation, making it a powerful and user-friendly tool.

✅ Very User Friendly
✅ Extremely Customizable
✅ Unity Events
✅ Setup Wizard
✅ Documentation, Tooltips, and Commented Code
✅ No Hidden Code
✅ Low-Performance Impact

🔵 Can be applied to any rigged hand model with any number of fingers
🔵 Will connect to any VR controller/input framework with ease
🔵 Unity XR, OpenXR, SteamVR, and Oculus Integration example packages
🔵 Includes customizable code base with robust use of events and polymorphism

⭐ Full-body Support through Rootmotion FinalIK
⭐ Quest Hand Tracking Demo Included

– Major Quality and Performance Update!
– Includes Rootmotion FinalIK Demo
– Editor Pose Tool for easy custom pose designing

– Hand Grab Projection
– Hand Projection Highlight
– High-Quality Physics Touch Interaction
– Automatic Grab Pose Solver
– Smooth Animation, Grabbable-to-Hand, and Instant Grab Options
– Advanced Saved Grab Pose Options
– Distance Grabbing System
– Pose Area Driver
– Accurate Throwing
– Catching
– Smashing Events
– Finger Sway Options
– Haptic Support

– (New) Held Pose Animations
– (New) Custom Stable Held Joints
– Gentle Grab Option
– Weightless Grabbable Options
– Weight/Mass On Grabbables
– Multi-Handed Grabbing
– One-Handed Item Swapping
– Instant Grabbing or Timed Grabbing
– Highlighting Material Option and Events
– Grab/Release/Squeeze/Unsqueeze Events
– Pull-Apart Events
– Velocity Based Sound Examples
– Haptic Support

Rigidbody Movement System
– Rigidbody Movement System
– Head Collision
– Climbing (with body throwing)
– Body Pushing
– Platforms
– Flying
– Stepping/Slopes
– Height/Crouching
– Teleporter
– Automatic Height Smoothing

Additional Features
– (New) Customizable gun example with slide and clip logic
– (New) Dispensor Point Driver
– Magnetic Force Examples
– Cabinet / Drawer Example
– Grenade Example
– Examples for Physics Button, Lever, Slider, Dial, Wheel, and Door w/ Handle
– UI Interaction System
– Hand Collision Touch Event Driver
– Hand Trigger Area Event Driver
– Stabbing Examples
– Stickies Examples
– Place Point Driver
– Throw Collision Event Driver
– Smashing and Smashee Event Drivers

– Low-Performance Impact
– Setup Wizard
– Robust UnityEvent/Event Support
– Well Documented Code and Tooltips

Includes examples for popular input systems
– Unity XR Input
– Unity OpenXR Action Input
– SteamVR (With Index Finger Bending Example)
– Oculus Integration (With Finger Tracking Example)


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