Auction House Remastered (v1.0)

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Auction House Remastered for uMMORPG Remastered
Requires uMMORPG Remastered 2.30+

This addon will add a auction house system to your uMMORPG Remastered game to allow players to buy and sale items with other players on your server.

Every tab of the auction house supports pages, will show a max of 20 items per page and is changeable.
Search items by full or partial item name with level range and category/subcategory.
Sort items by clicking on the column names to sort ascending (a-z/0-9) or descending (z-a/9-0).
You can bid on selected items at the minimum bid allowed, enter in a higher bid if you wish, or you can buyout the item. (Note: You cannot bid or buyout your own auctions)
If a bid matches or is higher than the buyout then it will buyout the item at buyout price.
View active auctions you have previously bid on to allow you to bid if you have been outbid or increase your previous bid.
Post auctions up for sale to other players. Posting of auctions has a deposit fee based on this calculation: (ItemVendorSalePrice x StackSize x DurationFeePercent).
Each duration length is in days and can be changed along with its fee percent. Default values are: (1 Day – 0.1%, 3 Days – 0.2%, 5 Days – 0.3%)
If you post an auction and it sales you will be refunded the deposit fee.
When an auction has ended, there is a final value fee that is subtracted from the sellers earnings automatically. (Default fee is 0.1% of the auctions final value)
You can claim all your gold and items from a claims tab from auctions that have ended or been outbid on.
Every 15mins (changeable) a check for auctions that are needing to be ended is ran and processed.
Categories are stored in an enum, you can edit/add/remove categories.
Multiple Auction Houses based off an Id on the player. This will enable you to have separate auction houses based on class or if your game has factions. All players with the same Id will see the same auctions.


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