Animation Designer (New Update)

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Version v1.2.0Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3


Innovative Animation Tweaking Tool For Unity Engine. Upgrade Animation Clips with procedural motion and bake it. Tweak Animation Clip pose and save it in new AnimationClip file.

! This is Editor Tool – No Playmode Required
! This tool is NOT dedicated for creating animations from zero point, it’s for upgrading/adjusting already animated clips
! This tool is dedicated for humanoid creatures but you can still greatly improve animals/creatures animations (for more check tutorials)
! This tool works with all animation types as: Humanoid, Generic and Legacy
! This tool is dedicated for 3D Skeleton Animations
! This tool is generating new Animation Clips, that means there is no additional CPU/GPU weight, you can use generated clips for VR/Mobile just like any other animations.
! This tool is dedicated for body animations (NOT for detailed-multi bone face animations)
! This tool requires some animation knowledge to make best use on your models
! Tool works with all render pipelines, just the demo scene is using two standard materials to convert.

⚙️ Keep original animation intact!
Save modified animation as separated AnimationClip file.
Store designer animation settings for multiple animation clips, in single preset file, so you can go back for tweaking animations design, in any time!

No additional Data/Components!
Plugin is not generating any new component or data on character models you animate with Animation Designer. Keep your workspace clean and think about this plugin as core software element of the Unity Editor.

Package offers advanced IK analyze algorithms which can help you add some heavyness to walk / run animations.
You can use Animation Designer not only with characters but with any type of animated object.

Technical details
Editor Animation Tweaking Tool
Use already animated clips and save modified versions in new AnimationClip files
Store Animation Modifiers Settings inside Presets
Intuitive GUI
Automatic Limbs Setup for Humanoid Rigs
Supporting Generic and Legacy Rigs
Exporting Generic / Legacy clips from Humanoid rig
Helper algorithm for auto detecting Generic / Legacy Characters Limbs
Single Bone Modifiers
Blending selected bone chains with other animation clips (Morphing)
Limbs Modificators – Procedural Elasticness
Limbs IK – For Hands, Bone Chains and Legs (All rigs supported)
Legs IK Analyzer for adjusting Legs Motion Animation
Supporting Root Motion Animations
Blending main animation with multiple other animations (Morphing)
Possibility to write custom procedural animation motion (Custom Modules)
8-Directional movement creation helper (Strafe Creator Module)
Quickly adjust humanoid arms, fingers, fists (Humanoid Poser Modules)


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