Ambulance – Premium – Drivable and Interactable (5.0)

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This is an American style ambulance, with a multiplayer-ready driving. Sounds, lights, animations and particles are included.

Code is commented, and in most cases has a tooltip! The assets are preconfigured to work out of the box!

Fully replicated for multiplayer
Fully-Functional lights and sirens with emissive and physical light configurations
Interior Emissive Controls allow you to switch on the interior laptop or computer
Enter and Exit the vehicle with the FPS controller example
Advanced Drivable Blueprint – Burnouts, screeching, tire decals, a complete lighting system (headlights/night-mode, brakes, indicators), engine/tire sounds, and satisfying physics. Drag and drop, and supports character controller switching.
Functional odometer/RPM + animated steering wheel
Animated, sound effects, sirens, particles – Game-ready and optimized!

~100 exposed procedural parameters allow for infinite variation between vehicles, paint with the foliage tool, press randomize, and watch as you can creatively iterate through massive abandoned highways in seconds!
Multi-layered optimization system allows for thousands of vehicles on your map with multiplayer support
Works with Foliage Actors so you can paint highways of lootable and destructible vehicles or use procedural foliage tools!
Destructible (windows, side mirrors, antenna, wipers)
Advanced Event Buttons that allow you to regenerate the selected vehicle, or all vehicles on the map, for rapid iteration and prototyping
Leaf Clutter and Ivy Foliage (22 unique foliage meshes and 19 shared foliage meshes per vehicle)
Expandable Proxy Mesh System
Animated, sound effects, particles – Game-ready and optimized!

Complete & Game Ready
This asset is game-ready. It contains animations, sound effects, and particles so you can be confident you are purchasing an actual game-ready asset, that can be drag-and-dropped, without requiring additional sounds or particles. The only setup required is for your character controller (<5 mins).

Drivable – Custom Skeleton and Skeletal Mesh
An advanced replicated drivable demo is included. Control the doors/boot/hood, wheels, and steering wheel. The gear stick will animate as the car automatically shifts gears. Swap between interior/exterior view, to view a functional odometer + RPM meter. Stationary burnouts, momentum-based tire decals, and sound effects are included, as well as satisfying engine sounds. Particles are provided for the exhaust, burnouts, and decals. The lights are fully set up with channel-packed emissive masks and configured lighting for realistic headlights (night mode), indicators, and brakes. These lights have been tested in different environments and look great out of the box.


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