AI Shooter (New Update)

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Asset Version (4.27, 5.0, 5.1)Link 1 | Link 2 


AI Shooter was created to be a starter pack with an AI for shooting game, including basic behaviors like shooting, seeking cover, patrolling, flanking, sight perception, hearing, damage and touch

Technical Details
System AI Shooter ( Health, Health Bar, Weapon Spawn, Find Ammo, Distance Find Ammo, Acurracy Shooting, Move, Drop Item, Type Target, Team Select, Color Material )
System Perception (vision, hearing, damage and touch)
Ai precision system (low, medium, high)
Ammo search system
Drop system (weapon, ammo and health)
AI behavior system (Patrol, Search for ammo, investigate sounds, chase target, attack target, melee when close)
Target system (player, AI vs AI, all targets)
AI locomotion system ( Patrol , random location )
System behavior tree
Complete Weapon System ( Damage, Fire Mode, Fire Rate, Sound, Icon, Animation )
Menu Radial ( Weapons )
Pick Up System ( Ammunition and Health )
System AimOffset
More items can be added in updates with your feedback
Used for demonstration: Lyra Starter Game
Number of Blueprints: 50
Input: (keyboard, mouse)
Network Replicated: No
Tested platforms: Windows


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