Action RPG Multiplayer Starter Template (New Update)

New Update: Click here
Asset Version (5.0)Click Here
Asset Version (4.27): Link1 Link2


eMultiplayer action RPG starter template, Jigsaw inventory, crafting, AI, quests, skill tree, vendors, harvesting etc

Technical Details
Multi-grid inventory
Fully replicated
Top down and third person mode
AI, companion AI & Friendly AI
Easy crafting blueprint setup
Easy vendor blueprint setup
Skills and skill tree
Chat window (General, Party, Guild)
Looting (Harvesting, containers, drops)
Trading between players, and dueling
Party invite (Party share exp)
Context menu for player and items
Outline system for highlighting items
Data table system for pickups, vendors, crafting stations, skills and containers.
Number of Blueprints: (9 blueprint components, 6 characters, 22 pickup blueprints, 5 data tables, 1 save blueprint,
25 structs, 10 enumerations, 15 materials, 1 game mode, 1 player controller, 4 interfaces, 1 drag and drop operation BP.)
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes


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