2D Car Combat Fire System

 This easy to use mechanic are made for creating 2d car games using only blueprints!


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Preview: https://youtu.be/Xe_hkm3g0WA
• Combat gun system!
• Enemy AI!
• Vehicle Engine!
• Bullet Ricochet!
• Multiple vehicle options!
• Beautiful unique assets!
• Visual particles ready!
• Sounds ready!
• Constant updating (new features list below)
This 2D Car Combat system bring to you a physics 2d car engine with acceleration, weight, bumper, and so on.
You can drive through the map and kill enemies firing your car gun or just run over it.
The machanics allow you to fire with a puzzle gun bullet system. Use your brain to achieve how to kill the enemies using the bullet ricochet system.
EVEN MORE! You will get a beautiful 2d painted original-made assets with Houses, Grounds, Objects, Enemies and Cars!
Technical Details
Update 1.0.1
• Fix smoke rotation when fires bullet
• Locked axis of particles to fit with 2d project
• Adjusted car physics to prevent it to overturn easily
• Laser aim now has impact point effect in laser collision position
• Physics with joints
• Acceleration
• Gun with aim and laser (that collides in obstacles =D)
• Multiple vehicles that you can change
• Idle/walk/scared animation system
• AI system with random walk time, walk lenght and walk direction
• AI system that dont fall from the platform ledge
• Physics ragdoll death body!
• A beautiful painted assets with houses parallax
• All assets are in editable files that I will provide for you to create/edit/modify
Other Features
• Bullet ricochet system
• Effects
• Sounds
• HUD system
• Enemy attack system
• Enemy bullet system
• Car energy (health) system
• A lot of new puzzle objects/mechanics
• Explosions
• Touch support and mobile test
Number of Blueprints: 6
Number of Textures: Around 59
Number of Widgets: 0


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