(STP) Survival Template PRO (New Update)

New Update: Click here
Version v1.3.0.1: Link 1 | Link 2
Version v1.2.1: Part 1 | Part 2 


Video preview
Technical details
Character components consiting of Modules and Behaviours
Modular state based Character Controller
Health, Death, Vitals (Stamina, thirst etc.) systems
Fully supported and integrated with the new Unity Input System
Texture based footsteps, includes support for terrain textures
Customizable time of day
Object Pooling (used for surface and weapon effects)
Sleeping system
Save System
Resource gathering (e.g. tree chopping)
Generic inventory system (can be used on any entity or object)
Create and configure items easily (set icon, pickup, weight etc.)
Composed of containers and slots
Auto-Move, drag and split items
Tags & properties
Weight system
Building System
Building (Free and Socket Based)
Building materials
Wieldable System
Attachments system
Decoupled camera and animation system
Spring based motion for custom states (e.g. walking, running, aiming)
Spring based forces for applying recoil to the wieldable model
Camera effect modules (Animator, FOV, Bob, Recoil)
Modular crosshair system
Durability and weight systems
Melee Weapons
Component based swings (supports custom swings, e.g. tree chopping)
Ability to aim melee weapons (e.g. spear)
Component based firearm modules (e.g. trigger, aimer, reloader etc.)
Raycast and physics shooting
Spring based camera motion system
Motion, Field of View and effect modules
Workstations (Campfire, Workbench)
Event Based UI
Inventory (slots, inspection, custom actions)
Survival Book: Craft and place buildable previews
Character preview
Simple pause menu
Health, Vitals and damage indicators
Ammo, crosshairs etc.
Simple Main Menu
Sleep, building and much more…
4 demo maps
11 first person animated wieldables
Character model and clothes
Item and building objects models
High Quality Icons
Sound effects
Post Processing Stack
New Input System
Editor Coroutines
Emerald AI 3.0
FSM AI Template



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