Semi-Permanent Blood Droplets

Generate ten’s of thousands of instanced mesh decals while maintaining performance.

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Technical Details
Included Assets
This pack includes 16 CPU Niagara systems with 4 unique Niagara emitters and 6 Niagara module scripts. 4.26 includes 14 bonus GPU Niagara systems with 1 unique Niagara emitter. The Niagara Effect Type is configured, so these particles are ready for your game and require no additional setup. No fluid simulations are used. Each droplet is 24 tris, and each decal is 4 tris. The particle systems and 14 exposed parameters are controlled by the BP_Droplets blueprint.

<35mb install size
16 Niagara Systems
Aortic Spurt
Blood Pool
Punch Wound
Puncture/Stab Wound
Entrance Wound – Pistol
Entrance Wound – Rifle
Entrance Wound – Shotgun
Exit Wound – Pistol
Exit Wound – Rifle
Exit Wound – Shotgun
Loop – Bleeding
Loop – Excessive Dismembered Spurt
Loop – Mild Dismembered Spurt
Timed – Bleeding (useful for bleeding debuffs)
Timed – Excessive Dismembered Spurt
Timed – Mild Dismembered Spurt
4 Unique Niagara Emitters
2 Unique Static Mesh
3 Textures (Splash texture from UE4 content)
1 Droplet Blueprint that controls 15 exposed Niagara parameters and allows you to easily spawn and clean up particle systems.
Type of Emitters: (CPU,GPU)
LODs: (Yes, Niagara Effect Type included)
No. of Materials: 4 Master, 4 Instances
No. of Textures: 3
No. of Blueprints: 1
No. of Unique Meshes: 2


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