Rigged Garden Tractor GameReady

Ready for game-development, render and animation.



I am happy to present you Rigged Garden Tractor GameReady 3d model.
Ready for game-development, render and animation.
That model will definitely save your time just a lot!
– Units used: Meters
—————————— USAGE:————————————
– This model is suitable for use in PC game-development, VR/AR applications, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.
————————— TOPOLOGY/LODs: ——————————–
Garden Tractor 3d model consist of 1 object with LODs:
– LOD0: 24.392 tris
– LOD1: 12.617 tris
– LOD2: 6.754 tris
– LOD3: 2.043 tris
Only Quads and Tris topology used
————————— MATERIALS: ——————————–
Model use 1 material total:
– GardenTractor
Blender 2.90 version use Cycles materials type (Principled shader)
———————— TEXTURES and UV:————————-
– Model is completely UV-unwrapped. You can see all the textures and UV maps on the preview images
– Partially Overlapping method was used to increase texel density
– Both Metallic/Rough and Specular/Gloss PBR workflows are available
– Lightmap UV for light baking is included
– 1304px/m (4K textures)

– Base_Color.png (4096x4096px) – met/rough
– Metallic.png (4096x4096px) – met/rough
– Roughness.png (4096x4096px) – met/rough
– Diffuse.png (4096x4096px) – spec/glos
– Specular.png (4096x4096px) – spec/glos
– Glossiness.png (4096x4096px) – spec/glos
– Normal.png (4096x4096px)
– Height.png (4096x4096px)
– AO.png (4096x4096px)
– Emission.png (4096x4096px)
TOTAL: 11 textures in archive.
———————— RIGGING ————————-
– Model is rigged using standart Blender tools only in Blender format!
– See Rig_Tutorial PDF file for more details


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