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Welcome to Moore’s RPG Template version 2.8 (also known as the MRPGT), a “complete project”, from Moore Game Dev. It is a First and Third Person, Single Player, High Fantasy, RPG Core Framework. It includes user interfaces, blueprints, props, animations, a sample character and other content that can be used as the basis for a “medieval high fantasy RPG”. The intention of this kit is to provide you with most of the core systems that would permit you to create a single player RPG similar in functionality and gameplay to Skyrim.

Non-humanoid combat system
Follower system
Dialogue system
Mount system
Character management system
Item management system
Spell management system
Perk system
Skill Levelling system
Level Up system
Ingredient Harvesting system
Favourite system
Trading system
Quest system
Crafting system
Enchanting system
Health, stamina and power bars
Combat system
NPC Combat AI
Stealth system
Save game system
Gamepad controls
Main menu and options system
Sample knight character, equipment, spells, perks, animations and more.
Demonstration videos:

Technical Details
Asset Statistics
Animation Assets: 596
Blueprints: 278
Materials and Textures: 884
Sound Assets: 196
User Interface Assets: 88
AI Assets: 6
FX Assets: 58
Static Meshes: 108
Skeletal Meshes: 34
Levels: 2
Other information
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes (man yes, horse no, bow no)
Supported Dev & Target Platforms: Windows
User Guide:
Preconfigured Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
Network Replicated: No


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