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*** ModernMilitary Bundle – UE5 Update May 2022 – Support of Metahuman tal nrw morphology! ***

Components are converted to the new UE5 Mannequin rig structure( First revision)
Keep in mind the female Metahuman tal nrw is slightly smaller as Quinn , but they use the same bone structure.

*** Metahuman Update December 2021 *** 4.27 only
Added additional anatomy support for Metahumans tal nrw – I do only recommend using Metahumans if you are advanced UE4 User and understand skeletons and Anim workflows with metahumans. The videos shows the dresses in Character Editor – general technical workflow how to use dresses with metahumans via bridge. UE5 is not supported.

The ModernMilitary comes with a basic set of military items to create your unit.

Quick Overview:
Multiple SK items: are stripped down to groups : hats, hairs, heads, upperbody, protection vest, pants and shoes
Clothing: ~ 80 Sk meshes (32x female 49x male)
Units can be used in a variety of fields: like private military forces, spec ops, swat, modern army forces, urban warrior or even rebels.
Seperate vest and Upperbody clothing
Basic camo patterns are available to create tons of variations for your units, jungle, winter, desert and flecktarn.
Different skin textures + skintint as well
Equipment uses a Master Material and a mask Texture, which will allow you to tweak appearance in detail.

Available Gear items:
Headset, tactical helmet, tactical pants, protection pants, simple long military NPC pants, frogshirts, military jacket with additional gasmask, plate carrierfor operators and a heavy military vest.
No weapons included.

The delivered skeletal meshes are skinned to the UE4 skeleton and main- and off-hand pivots are aligned to its hand grip.
In case you need more customization – You can integrate the soldiers into the Character Editor.
The polycount is between 50 and 80k for a full costume. Including all gear options.

Technical Details
Character: 1 Blueprint and 4 example NPC Blueprints
Character Parts: 44 SK meshes (2 Chest + variations , 2 Heads per gender, 3x hat + variations per gender)
PBR Textures: Albedo, normal, ORM (ambient Occlusion, Roughness, and Metallic) and tint masks
80 Sample Materials: Including 4 Master Materials for items and hairs
Maps: 1 Overview
Other: UE4 Mannequin with slightly modified UE4 skeleton (added sockets)
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: YES
Rigged: YES
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: YES
Animated: No Animations included
Number of Characters: ~ 5 Base character + Variations
Vertex counts of characters: ~50- 80k full gear
Texturesize: 2K


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