Look Animator v2.0.1 (Update Mar 5,2023)

Version v2.0.1(Mar 5,2023)Link 1 | Link 2 | Link3
Version v2.0.1Link1 | Link2

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Look Animator is component which animates procedurally head and neck/spine bones to simulate

real behaviour of body for looking at choosed position or object.
☄️ This animator will bring much more life into your characters and creatures!
Giving more impression that they’re real!
Easy to setup, easy to controll, easy to customize.

⚙ Don’t worry about performance! You can run many Look animators simultaneously even on mobile without loosing FPS.
Also if you use Optimizers you can let yourself use even more look animators!
Package works on all SRPs! It’s not shader related package.
(You just need to covert standard Demo materials for demo examples)
Built In ✅ LWRP ✅ URP ✅ HDRP ✅ Custom RP ✅

✍ Component works with all the rigs in unity, namely:
Generic, Humanoid, Legacy or anything else.
With visual friendly inspector and it’s functionality you can set up whole component in few clicks! (auto head bone search, auto arms search)

● Includes interactive demo scenes
● Includes full source code
● Easy setup with extended inspector window
● Works with humanoid and animal skeletons
● “Bird Mode” to simulate alternative animation
● Automated mechanics for finding bones
● Easily change to momentum targets
● Blend look animation with source animation
● Highly optimized
● Use “Bones’ compensation” feature to prevent unnatural
arms rotation when looking up or down
● Use “Animate with source” feature to keep whole animations motion, very helpful when you need to aim at target and play hit/shot animation, also using it during run or even idle animation makes it look more natural
● Turn off/on component with smooth transition by using one method
● Make look animation more soft with “Ultra Smoother” feature



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