Learn To Create A Vampire Survivors Style Game in Unity & C#

Learn the basics of Unreal Engine 5 Automotive Rendering by making Car Renders

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In this course on creating a vampire survival-style game using Unity, you will learn:
Game Development with Unity: You will learn how to use Unity, an industry-standard game development program, to create your own game from scratch. This includes understanding the Unity interface, basic functionalities, and concepts used in game development.

Programming Concepts: You will learn programming concepts, but with a focus on tying them to real game development uses. This includes understanding how to create and manipulate game objects, managing game states, implementing game mechanics, handling player input, and more.

Game Elements: You will learn how to implement various game elements such as destroying hordes of attacking enemies, creating multiple unique weapon types, developing a complete upgrade and unlock system, creating an object pooling system for efficient resource management, spawning waves of attackers, implementing a leveling up system for the player, displaying damage numbers, and setting up audio systems for immersive gameplay.

Building and Sharing Your Game: You will learn how to build and package your game for different platforms, such as PC, mobile, or console, and share it with others. This includes understanding the process of game deployment, optimizing game performance, and ensuring that everything in your game works as intended.

Project and Forum Support: You will have access to a complete version of the project that you can use for reference throughout the course. Additionally, you will have access to a course forum where you can discuss the topics covered in the course, seek help, and get guidance on the next steps to take once the course is complete.

By the end of the course, you will have developed a solid understanding of game development using Unity, including programming concepts and game elements specific to creating a vampire survival-style game. You will also have the skills necessary to build and share your own game, and be equipped with a reference project for future game development endeavors.

In this course, you will learn:
C#: You will learn C#, a modern and versatile programming language used in Unity for game development. You will learn the basics of C# syntax, data types, variables, operators, control flow, functions, classes, and object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts.
Unity 3D Development: You will understand the capabilities of 3D development in Unity, including how to create and manipulate 3D objects, manage scenes, apply physics, implement animations, handle input, and utilize other features of Unity for creating 3D games.
Problem Solving Skills: You will develop strong problem-solving skills through practical exercises and challenges. You will learn how to identify and solve common programming and game development problems, debug code, and optimize performance.
Game Development Process: You will gain an understanding of the game development process, including planning and designing games, creating game mechanics, implementing game features, testing and iterating, and polishing and optimizing games for release.
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): You will learn how OOP works in practice through hands-on coding exercises in C# within the Unity environment. You will understand the principles of OOP, including encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and how to apply them in game development.
By the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation in C# programming, an understanding of 3D development in Unity, and strong problem-solving skills that are transferrable to other programming domains. You will also have a good understanding of the game development process and how to apply object-oriented programming concepts in practice.

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02 – Getting Setup

03 – Setup Importing Assets
04 – Making a Scene

03 – The Player

05 – Adding The Player
06 – Setting Up The First Script
07 – Making The Player Move
08 – Limiting Diagonal Movement Speed
09 – Camera Movement
10 – Animating The Player

04 – Making Enemies

11 – Making An Enemy
12 – Moving The Enemy
13 – Animating The Enemy

05 – Managing Health

14 – Setting Up Player Health
15 – Making Enemies Hurt
16 – Waiting Between Hits
17 – Setting Up A Health Bar
18 – Updating The Health Bar

06 – Spawning Enemies

19 – Making Enemy Prefabs
20 – Spawning Enemies
21 – Spawning Outside The Screen
22 – Some Minor Fixes
23 – Tracking Distant Enemies

07 – Creating Fireballs

25 – Creating Our First Weapon
26 – Damaging Enemies
27 – Fire Particles
28 – Spawning Despawning Fireballs
29 – Growing Shrinking Fireballs
30 – Enemy Knockback

08 – Showing Damage Numbers

31 – Setting Up Damage Number Display
32 – Spawning Damage Numbers
33 – Improving The Appearance
34 – Pooling The Numbers

09 – Enemy Waves

35 – Making More Enemies
36 – Setting Up Enemy Waves
37 – Spawning Waves Of Enemies

10 – Getting Experience

38 – Setting Up The Experience System
39 – Picking Up Experience
40 – Making Experience Go To The Player
41 – Make Enemies Drop Experience
42 – Adding Levels
43 – Levelling Up
44 – Displaying Experience
45 – Updating Experience Display

11 – Levelling Up Weapons

46 – Setting Up Weapon Stats With Inheritance
47 – Using The Weapon Stats
48 – Levelling Up The Weapon

12 – Selecting Uprades

49 – Setting Up The Upgrade Interface
50 – Updating The Upgrade Button
51 – Activating Level Up Screen
52 – Making The Upgrade Work

13 – Weapon Unlocks Upgrades

53 – Giving The Player A Random Weapon
54 – Unlocking New Weapons
55 – Showing More Unlocks Upgrades
56 – Hiding Max Levelled Weapons
57 – Skipping Level Up

14 – More Weapons

58 – Adding More To The Fireball
59 – Fixing Fireball Stats
60 – Adding An Area Attack Weapon
61 – Making The Weapon Work
62 – Creating Projectiles
64 – Setting Up A Sword Attack
65 – Making The Sword Work
66 – Adding Throwing Axes
67 – Throwing The Axes
68 – Stopping Enemy Movement

15 – Getting Coins

69 – Collecting Coins
70 – Dropping Coins Randomly
71 – Showing Coins On The UI

16 – Upgrading The Player

72 – Setting Up Player Stats
73 – Setting Up Stat Upgrade UI
74 – Updating Stat UI
75 – Fixing Edge Cases

17 – Managing The Level

77 – Adding A Level Timer
78 – Ending The Level Player
79 – Setting Up An End Screen
80 – Making The End Work

18 – Menus Audio

81 – The Main Menu
82 – Adding A Pause Menu
83 – Pausing The Game
84 – Setting Up Audio And The Audio Mixer
85 – Playing Sound Effects

19 – Finishing Up

86 – Building The Game

Project Files: Link 1 | Link 2


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