Japanese Village Kit (v2.4)

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This is a modular Japanese style pack from Edo period, that allows you the ability to create your own custom house, manor or large villages.

Technical details
This pack contains over 300 modular pieces, including:
– modular fences (6 pieces) and a gate.
– 2 types of bamboo fences.
– modular roof and ornaments (25 pieces).
– balcony rail, beans and columns.
– shoji door walls.
– irori (japanese hearth).
– japanese lamps (4 pieces).
– stairs (4 pieces).
– tatamis.
– walls (14 pieces).
– 2048×2048 and 1024×1024 textures.
– PBR maps(Color, Normal, Metalic/Smoothness and Occlusion).
– HDRP and URP compatibility patch for Unity 2021.3 and newer



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