Earth Simulator

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Instance Editable Simulated Full Modular Earth System + Moon + Sun + Space.
And also you can create your own planet with your textures and set your custom simulation parameters in minute

Technical Details
Everything is Instance Editable:
Earth Axial Tilt, Rotation, Scale, Direction, Day Length (Speed)
Atmosphere Color, Opacity, Thickness
Clouds Height, Opacity, Color, Direction, Speed
Night Lights with editable intensity
Moon Axial Tilt, Orbit, Rotation, Distance, Scale, Direction, Month Length (Speed of complete it’s orbit around the earth)
Sun Control (Same as Directional Light)
Space Texture, Opacity and Tiling
Instance Editable Textures (Drag and Drop) / Normal Map, Specular and Roughness intensities
Texture Sizes: 8192×4096
Number of Meshes: 2 (Earth, Moon, Sun, Space uses same mesh with different materials)
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 6 Materials & 2 Instances
Number of Textures: 15


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