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*Update 1.1 now live!* Dwarf Fantasy Environment Set contains everything you need to set your own fantasy dwarfish environment. Package includes architectural meshes, props, unique/tillable materials, a complete example map in addition to the showroom.

What’s new in 1.1:
• Almost all materials had their metalness map removed.
• M_Market_Floor has been reworked to allow better blend when painting.
• Almost every textures has been revamped.
• Every non-merged meshes LODs has been implemented.
• Several meshes had their Lightmap UVs reworked.
• Mesh distance field now deactivated.
Preview: youtu.be/SCj1L14tuuw

Dwarf Fantasy Environment Set is a complete, PBR set optimized for next-gen consoles and PC. Within this package, you will find architectural modular meshes, unique props, 50+ unique materials of which 11 are tillable, more than 150 unique PBR texture, one showroom with baked lighting and one level of the set in action.

– 36 Architectural Modules:
• 7 floor meshes
• 2 pre-made interiors
• 3 houses
• 3 walls
• One unique four-way bridge platform and one unique ground with it
• And more unique modules for various uses!

54 props:
• 9 awnings with three different models
• A great array of chests, crates, barrels
• One medieval crane
• 10 different market signs
• One unique statue
• Two basalt cliff models and one unique rock model
• And many more props!

51 materials:
• 40 unique materials for unique architecture
• 12 tillable materials
– 3 wood materials (One with big planks, one with small planks and one made of various trims)
– 5 cloth materials (Three dedicated to awnings and two for ground tarps)
– And much more!

Technical Details
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: Highly variable (between 512 and 4k)
Collision: Yes – Automatically Generated and Per-Poly
Vertex Count: Highly variable
LODs: Yes, for almost every mesh
Number of Meshes: 99
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 51
Number of Textures: 153 (excl. already available FX maps from Unreal)
Engine Compatibility: 4.12+
Intended Platform: Windows PC, Next-Gen Consoles – Not intended for VR
Platforms Tested: Windows PC
Documentation Included: Yes



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