Desperado HD Remastered for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males

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Desperado HD Remastered is a complete, fully textured, and morphed, clothing and props set for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males. This set is a remastered version of the popular Desperado HD set, including brand new textures and more detailed HD morphs!
Desperado HD Remastered includes a complete texture set, with breathtaking Iray shaders simulating actual, physically based materials (PBR), producing stunning renders using any kind of light. The set includes all the maps you need for your renders, from diffuse to hyper-detailed normal maps.
The geometries are very optimized, and you can get good rendering results with low subdivision levels (even with no SubD at all!) or you can unleash all the power of this set thanks to its HD morphs, developed at level 4 SubD.
Additionally, Desperado HD Remastered is fully compatible with the Dark Guard and Wizard HD Character sets and 6 additional Daz Original characters.


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