Cyberpunk – Transformer City

Modular, transformable, high detailed constructor, sci-fi: Transformer City


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This pack contains modular constructor for creating transformable (roads, sidewalk) high-detailed sci-fi city streets, alleys, blocks.
Includes transformation system (see video preview), little fly cars pack, background traffic system, blueprint based.

Technical Details
BP REALTIME Transformation system INCLUDED (road, sidewalk), blueprint based (see video preview, see documentation);
Background traffic system, blueprint based (see video preview);
Modular walls, ladders, doors, props etc.;
Sci-fi little fly cars pack (4 items);
Idle object waver, blueprint based (see video preview);
Video advertisement, material-blueprint based (see video preview);
Neon flashing (see video preview);
Other props (hydrant, cables, conditioners, pipes, traffic lights etc.).
Number of Unique Meshes: ~100;
Collision: (Yes) – automatic;
Triangles Count: 10 – 5000;
LODs: (Yes);
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 68;
Number of Textures: 142
Texture Resolutions: 4K, 2K;


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