3700 Fantasy RPG Icons Pack (v1.1)

Version v1.1: Click here

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Here is a collection – Fantasy RPG Icons
It includes sets of thematic icons of 50 pieces. Files: PNG.

In the archive you will find icons with a background (512×512) and individual objects without a background (the size depends on the subject). Skills with background only.

Update in October 2022:
Avatar demon icons
Dwarf loot icons
Fairy loot icons
Fairy skill icons
Goblin loot icons
Goblin skill icons

Armor icons
Helmet icons
Glove icons
Belt icons
Cryomancer skill icons
Aeromancer skill icons
Shield icons
Loot icons
Demon skill icons
Priest skill icons
Greaves icons
Boot icons
Pirate skill icons
Elixir icons
Druid skill icons
Undead loot icons
Avatar undead icons
Undead skill icons
Demon skill icons pack 2
Demon loot icons
Alchemical Ingredient Icons
Alchemical Herb Icons
Alchemical Potion Icons
Craft Resources
Blacksmith icons
Mining icons
Magical artifact icons
Rune icons
Books icons
Scroll icons
Hunting icons
Fishing Icons
Berries and seeds icon pack
Mushroom icons
Farming icons
Jewelry icons
Treasure chest icons
Paint icons
Axe icons
Sword icons
Dagger icons
Lance Icons
Bow icons
Staff icons
Farmer skill Icons
Crushing weapon Icons
Blacksmith skill icons
Tannery skill Icons
Jeweler skill icons
Avatar people icons
Alchemist skill icons
Pirated icons
Halloween icons
Cooking skill icons
Swordsman skill icons
Pyromancer skill icons
Archer skill icons
Warlock skill icons
Thief skill icons
Berserker skill icons
DeBuff skill icons
Cooking ingredient icons
Buff skill icons
Medieval food icons
Crossbowman skill icons
Bone icons
Spearman skill icons
Paladin skill icons
Total 3700 RPG Icons



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